Grinnell Fire Department

Thursday evening approx. 8:05 pm a strong thunderstorm system moved
through the City of Grinnell. The Grinnell Fire Department responded to
several calls for service throughout the city for down power wires, trees
down across the roadway, a report of a motor vehicle accident on the
interstate and multiple power line/tree fires. The northern half of the city
from 4th Ave. moving north to 16th Ave and Sunset moving east to Penrose
received the blunt of the wind damage. Power was lost through this
quadrant for approx. 1- 1/12 hour until Alliant Energy restored power. After
power was restored many residents called with reports of small fires in the
power lines. The FD checked every call for service and confirmed the fire
would not spread and notified Alliant Energy. As the citizens of Grinnell go
out and survey damages this morning please keep in mind if you have any
down power lines in your yard DO NOT assume they are just a telephone
line or cable line. Most of the time the same area of the house where these
two services come into the house, the electric service is right beside it. DO
NOT start cutting up tress in your yard if they have any type of wires
running through them until the proper service company has looked at them.
If you still do not have electricity please call the number listed below. If you
have damage notify your insurance company and take pictures before
cleaning or remove branches from you homes.

Be safe and if you have any emergencies please call 911 for assistance.

Alliant Energy: 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268
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