Grinnell Fire Department
Grinnell Burning Ordinance

307.1 General.  A person shall not kindle or maintain or authorize
to be kindled or maintained any open burning unless conducted
and approved in accordance with this section.

307.1.1 Prohibited open burning. All open burning is prohibited.

307.1.2 Exceptions.        
a)Disaster Rubbish.  The open burning of rubbish,
including            landscape waste, for the duration of a
community                         disaster period in cases where an
officially declared                      emergency condition exists and
open burning has been                determined to be necessary by
the Mayor.
b)Diseased Trees.  The open burning of diseased
trees                    shall be allowed.  However, when the burning
of the                      diseased trees causes a nuisance
appropriate action may             be taken to require relocation of
the burning operation.                Rubber tires shall not be used
to ignite the diseased                     trees.  Written permission
from the Grinnell Fire Chief                   shall be required to burn
diseased trees.
c)Flare Stacks.  The open burning or flaring of waste
gases,            provided such open burning or flaring is
conducted in                  compliance with the applicable rules of
the State                           Department of Natural Resources.
d)Prairie Maintenance.  Persons engaging in bona
fide                     prairie maintenance may get permission from
the Grinnell             Fire Chief to conduct prescribed burns.  Use
of this                      provision shall not be used to burn
non-maintained areas             and overgrown brush and
nuisance vegetation.
e)Training Fires.  Fires set for the purpose of the bona
fide             training of public or industrial employees in fire
fighting                methods provided that the State Department of
Natural                 Resources Executive Director receives notice
in writing at            least one week before such action
f) Recreational Fires.  Open fires for cooking,
heating,                     recreation and ceremonies, provided they
comply with the            limits for emission of visible air
contaminants established             by the State Department of
Natural Resources.  The use               of charcoal, gas, or
electric grills, barbecues, smokers or             hibachis, and place
at         any time.  The burning of                           landscape
waste generated on the premises shall                          not be
considered a recreation fire.
g)Variance.  Any persons wishing to conduct open
burning              of materials not exempted herein may make
application                for a variance to the State Department of
Natural                          Resources Executive Director.   

307.2 Permit required.  A permit shall be obtained from the
fire               code official in accordance with Section 105.6 prior
to                   kindling an outside fire, with the exception of
recreational             fires.  Application for such approval shall
only be                          presented by and permits issued to the
owner of the land             upon which the fire is to be kindled.

307.3 Extinguishment authority. The fire code official
is                         authorized to order the extinguishment by the
permit                    holder, another person responsible or the fire
department            of open burning that creates or adds to a
hazardous or                objectionable situation.

307.4 Location. The location for open burning shall not be
less              than 50 feet from any structure, and provisions
shall be                made to prevent the fire from spreading to
within 50 feet of         any structure.
1.        Fires in approved containers that are not less than 15
feet         from a structure.
2.        The minimum required distance from a structure shall
be           25 feet where the pile size is 3 feet or less in diameter
and 2         feet or less in height.

307.4.1 Bonfires. A bonfire shall not be constructed within
50               feet of a structure or combustible material unless the
fire is          contained in a barbeque pit.  Conditions which could
cause          a fire to spread within 50 feet of a structure shall
be                      eliminated prior to ignition.

307.4.2 Recreational fires.  Recreational fires shall not
be                     constructed within 25 feet of a structure or
combustible               material.  Conditions which could cause a
fire to spread                within 25 feet of a structure shall be
eliminated prior to                 ignition.

370.5 Attendance.  Open burning, bonfires or recreational
fires            shall be constantly attended until the fire is
extinguished.  A         minimum of one portable fire extinguisher
complying with             Section 906 with a minimum 4-A rating or
other approved              on-site fire-extinguishing equipment,
such as dirt, sand,               water barrel, garden hose or water
truck, shall be available           for immediate utilization.