Grinnell Fire Department
The Grinnell Fire Department is organized to provide for life and
property safety from the threat of fires and natural or man-made
disasters and emergency rescues. This will be accomplished through
planning, prevention, education, incident mitigation, and appropriate
application of technology.

The Capacities of this organization include the ability to:

* Produce the non-emergency services that provide for:

1) Annual fire inspections for target properties; and

2) Annual incident pre-planning on target hazards; and

3) Public education programs for schools, senior groups, service clubs
and other community groups; and

4) Training for internal and external uses needed to maintain and
improve service skills based on current and anticipated organizational
goals and objectives.

* Deliver emergency services that:

1) Provide for fire suppression operations in two simultaneous,
pre-flashover, ground floor, non-sprinklered structure fires; or

2) Provide three simultaneous dual line, non-structural fire control
operations; or

3) Perform for fire suppression operations in one pre-flashover, above
ground floor, non-sprinklered structure fire; or

4) Provide one rescue unit with staffing to perform associated rescue
duties; or

5) Perform any combination of parts of the emergency service options
that does not create a greater demand for services than those listed
Grinnell Fire Department Mission Statement