Grinnell Fire Department
Notice of Grinnell Burning Violation
      Open Burning Violation Warning Notice

The City of Grinnell has adopted an ordinance prohibiting most
outdoor burning.  Attached is a copy of the section of the Code
adopted that refers to the ban on burning.

The City no longer allows the burning of trash, leaves or yard waste
at anytime.  Cooking fires and recreational fires are still allowed but
must meet the following criteria;
15 feet from any structure if in approved container
25 feet from any combustible material when fire is 3 feet or
less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height.
50 feet from any structure for bonfires or fires larger than above
Fires must be attended to at all times, with a means to extinguish
the fire on hand

The Fire Department may also extinguish or order to be
extinguished any fire deemed objectionable or hazardous.



Responsible Party__________________________________________


Firefighter # serving notice_______________

For future violations the following Standard Civil Penalties apply;
First Offense                 - $100.00
Second Offense            - $250.00
Each Repeat Offense    -$500.00
Each day that a violation occurs or is permitted to exist constitutes
a repeat offense.